Search and Sort with DocuWalk

Using the Search and Sort features


DocuWalk uses Global Search and Refine Search.

To use the Global Search, type a keyword in the Search field at the top middle portion from anywhere in DocuWalk, click on the search icon (magnifying glass), and the first search results will be returned.

Use the Refine Search with any of the following:

  • Keyword
  • Type (Document, Contract, or Template)
  • Document Type - matching the top metadata field, e.g., Non Disclosure Agreement, Sales Agreement, Application, Memorandum, Letter
  • Document Sub Type  - matching the 2nd top metadata field
  • Creator (Author)
SORT (local to Document, Contract and Template):
  • The Sort By menu can sort the cards both in ascending and descending manner (arrow up or down)
  • Cards can be sorted by: Date, Title, Description, Creator, Document Type and Status